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The book "Rojîn - Sun of Life" is currently only in German
"RO JÎN - Sun of Life" novel

In 2018, the revised second edition of my novel "Ro jîn - Sun of Life" will be published. There will be a new softcover edition and a hardcover edition.

Birth of the real 3D world

In the 3D world, I feel at home and can develop more in it, with my know-how.

feature film:

✓ "Open Eyes" as feature film project is and  always will be be up to date for me, as long as it has been realized

The story of the film is the result of the tension arising out of my biographic situation, where life was shaped by the contrast between that nearly mystical world of the grandparents, controlled by ancient traditions and superstition and the strict, sober, modern world.

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